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Seeking consensus on the essential attributes of quality mathematics and science teacher preparation programs


"Seeking Consensus on the Essential Attributes of Quality Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation Programs" covers four main themes: Entry and Exit Requirements, Clinical Preparation, Knowing and Teaching Disciplinary Content, and Evaluation and Research to Improve Teacher Preparation. It details critical components or indicators of quality programs that were distilled from interviews, focus groups, and a two-day colloquium with national disciplinary and education experts. The authors drew upon all of the data gathered to craft a list of ten key questions that can guide university leaders, wanting to gain insight into the quality of science and mathematics teacher preparation programs under their purview. The companion paper, "Ten Key Questions University Leaders Should Ask about Quality Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation: Implementation Strategies from the Analytic Framework" by Charles R. Coble, provides university leaders with a framework to quickly assess the teacher preparation programs on their campuses and the most important levers to push to promote program improvement and quality on their campuses.