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PostedTitleAuthorIn / AtTypeYear
12/19/12Report of the leadership collaborative retreatJennifer Frank, Nancy ShapiroReport2010
12/19/12Spring 2010 TLC team leaders surveyJennifer Frank, Nancy ShapiroReport2010
12/19/12Final report on NSF MSP/RETA "Promoting Institutional Change to Strengthen Science Teacher Preparation" Grant #0831950Jennifer Presley, Kacy ReddReport2012
12/19/12Improving postsecondary STEM education: Strategies for successful collaboration and brokering across disciplinary paradigmsJana Bouwma-Gearhart, Kristen Perry, Jennifer PresleyReport2012
12/19/12Engaging STEM faculty while attending to professional realities: An exploration of successful postsecondary STEM education reform at five SMTI institutionsJana Bouwma-GearhartReport2012
12/19/12Seeking consensus on the essential attributes of quality mathematics and science teacher preparation programsJennifer Presley, Charles CobleReport2012
12/19/12Ten key questions university leaders should ask about quality mathematics and science teacher preparation: Implementation strategies from the Analytic FrameworkCharles CobleReport2012
12/19/12The Analytic Framework: Assessing innovation and quality design in science and mathematics teacher preparation, v8.16.12Charles Coble, Lizanne Destefano, Nancy Shapiro, Jennifer Frank, Michael AllenReport2012
12/19/12History of APS involvement in educationGabriel PopkinReport2012
12/19/12Final grant evaluation report & case studies of four institutions' APLU-supported advancements in science and mathematics teacher preparationEdward BrittonReport2012
12/19/12Promoting institutional change to strengthen science & mathematics teacher preparation: An analysis of outcomes for 25 participating institutions (Working Paper)Kacy ReddWorking Paper2012