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K-12 CS Leadership Conference
Computing has become an integral part of everyday practice within modern fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As a result, the STEM+Computing Partnerships (STEM+C) program seeks to advance new multidisciplinary approaches to, and evidence-based understanding of, the integration of computing in STEM teaching and learning, and discipline-specific efforts in computing designed to build an evidence base for teaching and learning of computer science in K-12, including within diverse populations. This project addresses that mission by convening a leadership conference for representatives of large urban school districts associated with the Council of Great City Schools. Each two-person team will include the district's Chief Academic Officer and a lead STEM educator. The one-day conference will: a) focus on the importance of computer science education in urban contexts; b) familiarize participants with a variety of planning tools to design and implement computer science programs; c) provide examples of current computer science initiatives;

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