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Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes
CTTI provides mathematics and science leadership development for the CPS High Schools through support of the district's High School Transformation Project (HSTP) by expanding the school-university partnership. This project will develop teams of mathematics and science teacher-leaders in twenty high schools, chosen on the basis of an application procedure to determine school readiness and administrative support.

The key outcome of the project within schools will be teacher-led work in the selection, refinement, and implementation of rigorous 12th-grade capstone and AP curricula. In addition, teacher leaders will have new competencies to coordinate curricula across grades 9-10-11. The CTTI is organized from a theoretically-focused and research-based logic model of school change, based on the idea that school capacity to carry out and sustain change requires specific inputs, including the teacher content knowledge and leadership skills that CTTI will provide to the teachers.

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Project Contributions

Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes (CTTI) Effective Teaching through Teacher Leadership, Content Understanding, and Pedagogical Training
Posted by: Donald Wink . This poster covers the activities of the Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes from the perspective of 'supporting effective teaching.' The poster includes information on our program model and the associated theory…