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Informal STEM Teaching and Learning
All forms of computation are on the near horizon as necessary to learn as well as incorporate into learning of science. The STEM+C (STEM + Computing Partnerships) program has as its goal the integration of computation and science. This specific project will build and pilot a Community Center Afterschool Program (CCAP) model for integrating computation across K-12 disciplines at three community centers and their three affiliated Kid City Programs (6 locations) serving high needs, Title I schools in Boise, Idaho. Motivation for this project is based on the national urgency of integrating computational thinking (CT) in K-12 STEM education, a lack of qualified K-12 computing teachers, and local needs of quality STEM+C programs for high needs students. The CCAP model focuses on student learning and teacher professional development (PD) through pre-/in-service teacher-led, project-based, integrated STEM+C hands-on inquiry projects.

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