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Investigating the Measurement and Development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
The Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) project developed assessments to measure teachers' knowledge of mathematics needed in teaching. The LMT project also developed the first stage of a web-based system called the Teacher Knowledge Assessment system (TKAS) that allows MSP program leaders and others to administer the assessments on line. This project is enhancing the TKAS system to include an online training module, a feature allowing users to design their own assessment scales, and a module to assist users in interpreting results for their projects. An anticipated 300 MSP projects and others will use TKAS to assess over 12,000 teachers over three years.

Using data generated by the system, the project team is conducting two studies. The first study is a meta-analysis examining the degree to which MSP projects contribute to teachers' learning as measured by various parts of the LMT assessments. The second study is investigating the features of different professional development activities on student learning.

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Project Contributions

Evaluating Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Using TKAS
The Teacher Knowledge Assessment System (TKAS) is an online system for administering the Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) assessment questions. LMT assessments focus on the specialized forms of knowledge teachers'…
Using TKAS to Evaluate Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
This paper addresses the following claim(s): "The Teacher Knowledge Assessment System provides an opportunity to test two important hypotheses. The first hypothesis and related set of questions focus on the…