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Online Technologies to Enhance MSPs
This two-year design study focuses on the use of information and communications technologies to enhance both pre-service education and in-service professional development programs within the MSPs. The project helps the MSPs determine whether online technologies can help them meet their teacher quality goals and enables those that choose to use these technologies to do so effectively. The project's key tasks are to:
  1. Develop resources to inform the MSPs about approaches to online professional development, online enhancements for site-based professional development, and online tools and techniques to support professional learning communities;

  2. Provide consultation services for a set of MSP projects that decide to use online technologies in their teaching enhancement programs;

  3. Offer a capacity-building program that will enable MSPs to develop the capacity to incorporate effective online professional development within their projects;

  4. Offer content-deepening online courses for MSPs members.

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Project Contributions

Online Professional Development for Teachers Quick Tour
Posted by: Heidi Larson . This Tour introduces the use of Online Professional Development (OPD) Courses. It describes the most common approaches to OPD, examines one approach in detail, and shows how different online media...
Online Technologies to Enhance MSP Teacher Quality Programs
Slide presentation from the MSP PI Conference, Washington, D.C., January 2004. Click here for a web-viewable PDF Click here for the original PowerPoint presentation