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Research on MSP Teacher Recruitment, Induction, Retention
Researchers will over five years study the teacher induction activities of 5 MSPs from among 2-3 MSP Cohorts. Additionally, an in-depth case study will be carried out with the MSP by the National Science Teachers Association and partners because its entire scope of work is focused on teacher induction. During years 1-2, researchers will conduct exploratory research to determine a set of MSPs having an amount and type of teacher recruitment and induction activity that warrants further investigation. Exploratory work will involve document inspection and telephone interviews, and exploratory visits, when needed. A high priority selection variable will be whether the MSP evaluation plan or other data that researchers could obtain will enable both quantitative and qualitative analysis of a variety of program impacts: teacher retention, teacher efficacy, teaching quality, and outcomes for students of the teachers who participate in programs.

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Project Contributions

Study of Teacher Induction in MSPs
Slide presentation from the MSP PI Conference, Washington, D.C., January 2004. Click here for a web-viewable PDF Click here for the original PowerPoint presentation