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CS10K: Training Arkansas Computing Teachers (TACT)
The University of Arkansas (UA) proposes a multifaceted program - called TACT (Training Arkansas Computing Teachers)- to certify high school teachers to teach computer science (CS). Arkansas has recently become the first state in the nation to require that all public high schools offer CS courses. This has left schools scrambling to comply as prior to June 2015, only 6.4% of them offered CS. In addition, the state had no process in place to certify CS teachers. While online CS courses will help most Arkansas high schools comply with the new legislation, the literature suggests significant benefits to face-to-face instruction. To meet the immediate and ongoing demand for well-trained and CS certified high school teachers, and to better prepare Arkansas' high school students for computer-related professions, the UA College of Engineering (COE) propose a multifaceted program that will develop both in-service and pre-service high school teachers to be certified to teach Computer Science (CS) Principles.

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