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The University of Texas at Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering is partnering with the successful UTeach Natural Sciences program and the Austin Independent School District to develop and deliver UTeachEngineering, an innovative, design- and challenge-based curriculum for preparing secondary teachers of engineering. To meet the growing need for engineering teachers in Texas, and to serve as a model in engineering education across the nation, UTeachEngineering has the following four professional development pathways to teacher preparedness, two for in-service teachers and two for pre-service teachers:

  1. UTeach Master of Arts in Science and Engineering Education (MASEE);
  2. Engineering Summer Institutes for Teachers (ESIT);
  3. Engineering Certification Track for Physics Majors; and
  4. Teacher Preparation Track for Engineering Majors.

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Project Contributions

STEM Integration: A Study Examining the Enactment of Prescribed Research Based Engineering Curriculum
"K-12 engineering is a critical platform for achieving integrated science, technology, engineering, and math STEM teaching and learning in the Unites States. This has fueled research in the development and…
Math, Science, and Engineering Integration in a High School Engineering Course: A Qualitative Study
"Engineering in K-12 classrooms has been receiving expanding emphasis in the United States. The integration of science, mathematics, and engineering is a benefit and goal of K-12 engineering; however, current…
High School Student Perceptions of the Utility of the Engineering Design Process: Creating Opportunities to Engage in Engineering Practices and Apply Math and Science Content
"Research and policy documents increasingly advocate for incorporating engineering design into K-12 classrooms in order to accomplish two goals: (1) provide an opportunity to engage with science content in a…
Engineer Your World: Formative Evaluation of a Project-Based High School Curriculum
"UTeachEngineering is expanding the national network of high schools offering its project-based engineering design and problem solving course, Engineer Your World. To inform the evolution and continuous improvement of the…
Student Learning in Challenge-Based Engineering Curricula
"In recent years, there has been a demand to teach engineering in high schools, particularly using a challenge-based curriculum. Many of these programs have the dual goals of teaching students…
Designing for STEM Integration
"We are increasingly seeing an emphasis on STEM integration in high school classrooms such that students will learn and apply relevant math and science content while simultaneously developing engineering habits…
Developing a Vision of Pre-College Engineering Education
We report the results of a study focused on identifying and articulating an ''epistemic foundation'' underlying a pre-collegiate focus on engineering. We do so in the context of UTeachEngineering (UTE),…
Engineer Your World: An Innovative Approach to Developing a High School Engineering Design Course
As standards for K-12 engineering learning emerge with the development of the Next Generation Science Standards, the nation's school systems will likely struggle with the question of whether engineering should…
Building a New Generation of Engineers
With summer camps and teacher development programs like UTeachEngineering, the Cockrell School is creating new opportunities to draw high school students to the profession.
UTeachEngineering: Preparing Effective Engineering Teachers Begins with Defining an Exceptional, Year-Long High School Engineering Course
Posted by: Cheryl Farmer . UTeachEngineering is a targeted MSP project whose goals include creating effective professional development programs for pre-service and in-service secondary engineering educators. To begin with the end in mind, the UTeachEngineering…